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Blogging assistance, Web design and Media production.

Sharing her knowledge about food and sustainibility, essential oils, yoga and meditation - how to take care of all aspects in ourselves

When we got connected the layout was outdated and Gry wanted assistance to "refresh" the blog a little and make it more customerfriendly. Gry is a popular woman, with many followers and a well visited webshop, so it was important for her that everything was functioning well.
We tweaked some details in the website to make it easier to read, the logo went bigger - we started to design etiquettes for the new oil products that was soon to be published and ready for sale in her website. And we also went through blog posts for a "cleanup" - ohhh, and yes, we also made a video for her to use in her marketing.
We love Gry`s products and we love the fresh colours that she have chosen for her brand. And we are very much delighted to work with her.

Gry Hammer
Blogging assistance, Web design and Media production.